(Do Hindi/Urdu ,Eng, Math, Computers, GK, Science, Social studies in CW book)

         (Physical Education,  Art n Culture, Health and Hygiene, Value education in another 200 pgs by dividing it into 4 parts)    Read & understand the work you're doing

  • Hindi- Write an inspirational poem on INDIA
  • Urdu- Write about prophet (S.A.W)
  • Telugu- Write 5 poems with bhavam
  • English- Write a play script on any social evil
  • Math- Collect the height( centimeters) of 25 people  from your family and friends and convert into grouped data, then find mean, median and mode
  • Physics- Collect information about the history of spherical mirrors in human civilization
  •               Paste photographs of your image in convex mirrors
  • Biology- Make ppt on conservation of natural resources or any topic of your choice
  • Social- Paste the articles given and write your views, suggestions and conclusion
  • Physical Education- Write a few lines on Pranayama
  • Art N Culture-Prepare any 2 things with Origami
  • Health & Hygiene- What is Personal Hygiene? How can you take care of it?
  • Value Education-What are the different values a students should have? Write them creatively
  •                          Suggest ways of inculcating values in students
  •                                                         HAPPY HOLIDAYS
  • ‘________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

October 2016

  • Assignments for October  2016 in all subjects given below to be shown on the reopening day 13/10/16. SA-1 after reopening
  • Read and understand the work that is being done 
  • All the projects are also given in the subject CW books;  Marks will be allotted for each subject

  • Urdu : Write a Mazboon on your mother with a picture and an ashar on her
  • Hindi : Write about the benefits of Vegetables and its classification
  •           Write 5 dohas by Tulsidas
  • Telugu:Read , learn & Practise for the exam
  • English         :     
    • Read all lessons
    • Read the newspaper & novel
    • Visit places of interest in the city and write amazing facts about any three of them
  • Math             :   
    • Practise sums and solve questions from monthly magazine
  •  Science 
  •  Physics:  Write down the characteristics of elements from 1 to 20
  •  Biology: Perform the experiment given according to roll numbers at home, write about it
  • Social Studies:  Represent the climograph of Hyderabad ( Sep 1 to 30 ). Express your views in the changes of weather with pictures

  • Physical Education: What is Meditation? What are its Psychological & Spiritual benefits. Practise it daily for 5 mins and write your views
  • Value Education: Make earrings using quilling strips, by using different methods

Summer May 2016
  • Assignments for the Summer of May 2016 in all subjects given below to be shown on the reopening day 13/6/16
  • Read and understand the work that is being done with the help of an adult
  • All the projects should be neatly done in subject CW books. Remember to write every sentence on a new line. Give a proper heading for every assignment. Marks will be allotted for each subject
  • Urdu 
    • Read & Write a biography on Altaf Hussain Haali
    • Read & Write a poem from the Newspaper
    • Paste a picture of Madinah and write a naath related to it
    • Write  the Hamd from Pg 1
  • Hindi
    • Write a poem on "Bharat ki Sundarta"
    • Paste a scenery and write 5 sentences on it
  • Telugu          
    • Read any small story and write it down. Frame 5 questions on the story
    • Read & Write Bhagavata Ratnalu, Padhyalu, Bhavalu
  • English         :    
    • Write a skit on a social issue of your choice with the relevant characters & dialogues
    • Buy a novel and read it. Write a review on the book ( name of the book, author, characters, plot )
  • Math             :   
    • Learn tables 2 to 20. Practice tables mentally & randomly also
    • Practice any 15 word problems from last years reader choosing at least one from every topic
    • Solve the SA-II Q Paper without choice
    • Class X SA-II marks out of 100 in Math are given below. Find the Mean, Median and Mode. Also write the interpretation for each
      • CI           10-20        20-40        40-60        60-80        80-100
      • Marks          3               10              21             9                7
  • Science        :   
    • Physics - Write the distribution of electrons in different shells for 30 elements; Write the number of neutrons
    • Physics - Visit any place of educational interest and write 5 sentences about it
    • Biology - What are Nartural resources? List out the natural resources in your locality. Which one has become rare? Why? What measures can be taken up to save it.
    • Biology - Prepare a power point presentation ( 10 slides ) on any small topic,from the reader, of your choice. Matter on slide should be from the reader only
    • Biology - The last slide should have 5 Questions framed by you on the topic done
  • Social Studies
    • Write all the states and capitals of India in a tabular form. Learn and Read the words with correct pronunciation
    • Draw, write, read and learn the districts of Telangana
    • State any 10 important central and 10 state ministries with the names of the Ministers
  • Computers
    • Prepare a poster on Importance of Yoga to put up on the notice board with Microsoft Word. Take a print out and staple in your book
  • Value Education
    • Write 8 sentences on the importance of fossil fuels. Support with pictures
  • General Knowledge
    • Write down the 7 important tourist places in India and 7 in the world. Support with pictures.  Write one sentence on why are these places special?

October - 2015

Home work given in diaries also

English                    Read and complete pages 194 to 203. All exercises in activity book. Only Q & Ans in CW book
                                Mention the lessons / headings clearly

Math                        Solve the problems given

Bio-Science             Read the lesson on natural resources (L 10) and complete answering the tables on Pages 214,215 &216                        in CW book

Phy-Science             Complete the notes

Social studies          Prepare for the exhibition

Telugu                     Write the poems and meanings of Ls. 9 in project book

Hindi                        Solve Paper I & II objective paper

Urdu                         Write ten ashaar

G.K                            Which stream of study would you like to pursue after 10th grade.? What are its scopes?


January 2015

Project work  given in diaries and activity books, in all subjects



Go out on a picnic to any place of educational interest and buy  story books to read.
Please Cover, stick and label all books.




January 2014

Assignment given in diary and the class work books also

Preparation for all competitions: English Literary & Islamic ( Nath, Qirat, Hadith, Quiz )

Essay writing topic:     Life on Mars! Can it be a reality?
Elocution :                   Necessity of Value education

Biology:  Test in Environment after reopening

Revision of all subjects for upcoming SSC exam


October 2013

Assignment given in diary and the class work books also

Hindi:                              Given in diary

Urdu:                               Given in diary

English:                          1.  Dialogue Writing
                                               2. Letter Writing

Telugu:                            Solve the Quarterly Exam Question Paper

Mathematics :                  Solve the Quarterly Exam Question Paper

Bio -Science:                   All the diagrams to be drawn again in the test book                          




Phy- Science:                    

                                                Group wise

                                             I Group …. Nuclear reactor. p-orbitals

                                        II Group ….. d-orbitals

                                        III Group ….. Moellar diagram and semi-conductors

                                        IV Group …. Deflection of radio-active radiation

                                        V Group … Structure of Benzene

                                        VI Group ... Power transmission

                                        VII Group ... Magic triangle (ohm's law )

                                        VIII Group ... Shapes of molecules

                                        IX Group ...   Formation of double and triple bonds


Social Studies :                 Given in diary


Second term  January 2013

Physics : record work given for completion till 28-1-13
Social Studies : Practice all Maps in the Text book
                             Project on traffic education

Preparation in all subjects for Pre-final Exam

First term vacation Oct 2012

    13-10-12 to 28-10-12
    Dussehra holidays from 13 Oct 2012 to 28 Oct 2012. 

    Holiday homework given to students
    Please see that the student practices all subjects everyday

Summer Holiday Assignment May 2012

  • Sankranti Holiday Assignment  Jan 2012
      Get ready for the SSC Exam by preparing for the Pre-Final Examination scheduled to begin from 23 Jan 2012

      1. Practice all sums in Math as advised by the teacher
      2. Revise Topic and Section wise chapters in Physics / Chemistry for thorough study
      3. Practice all diagrams in Biology; Read all lessons in detail

      4. Learn all other subjects as advised by the teacher

  • PROJECT I DETAILS       Oct 2011
    • X Physics: RECORD/FILE WORK as mentioned in class
    • Deadline For Submission of project : 10/10/11
    • Topics For Presentation
      • Dynamics
      • Electromagnetic Spectrum
      • Sound
      • Light
      • Magnetism
      • Electricity
    • X Chemistry : RECORD WORK as mentioned in class
    • Deadline For Submission of project : 10/10/11
    • Topics For Presentation
      • Formation of double and triple bond, Structure of molecules ( H2O, NH3 , PCl3, PCl5 & CO2 )
      • A chart showing modern forms of Periodic Table
      • Electrolytic Reduction Of Magnesium Chloride
    • X General
    • Deadline For Submission of project : 10/10/11
    • An essay highlighting your views on
      • A Separate Telangana State With The Map Showing Districts Under Andhra/Telengana/Rayalaseema Regions
Read books to improve your communication skills.  Keep yourself updated about current affairs.  Speak in English at all times.