Address: 12-2-332/1, Sunrise, MuradNagar, Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh - 500028 (Near old Mehdipatnam Bus Depot)


         (Do Hindi/Urdu ,Eng, Math, Computers, GK, Science, Social studies in CW book)

         (Physical Education,  Art n Culture, Health and Hygiene, Value education in another 200 pgs by dividing it into 4 parts)    Read & understand the work you're doing

  • Hindi: Write a story on togetherness ion Hindi,
  •          Haaton ke eshaaron ka chitr banaeye

  • Urdu: Write about Urdu’s famous poet Allama Iqbal's life story in brief 
  •          Write his poem and stick the related picture

  • Telugu : Write a short story in Telugu in 5-6 lines ,draw or paste the picture

  • English: Collect information about different types of forests and write an essay on “Forests –our lifeline”
  •              Buy & read story books

  • Math : Draw a table of your subject wise marks in SA –II out of 100 and then draw a bar graph
  •           Learn tables 1 to 15 randomly

  • Science : Collect information about the main food habits of India (any 10 states)

  • Social: Mark all the districts of Telangana on a map
  •           draw a sketch map with symbols from your home to show way to your school

  • Computer:  Write shortcut keys in MS word ( atleast 15)
  •                  Create a document on advantages and disadvantages of using internet ( in ms word). Take a print out and stick it in CW

  • Health& Hygiene: Write benefits of Avocado and Kiwi fruit and paste pictures

  • GK  – Write the states and capitals of India in a creative way and point it on an Indian political map

  • Value Education- Write 5 points on what is your duty towards your teacher 
  •                           How to have a positive attitude towards friends or co students?

  • Physical education- Write 5 advantages and disadvantages of going to the gym
  •                               Write 5 simple steps for a healthy life

  •                                                                     HAPPY HOLIDAYS


October 2016

  • Assignments for October  2016 in all subjects given below to be shown on the reopening day 13/10/16. SA-1 after reopening
  • Read and understand the work that is being done with the help of an adult
  • All the projects are also given in the subject CW books;  Marks will be allotted for each subject

  • Urdu  : Rubaye kise kehte hain?  Koi do rubayiyath likhkar unki tashrih karen
  • Hindi : Daywise HW has been given in Revision book
  • Telugu: Collect pictures of  words beginning with   aa, la, ma, ra, u, ga  letters and paste in project book. Write their names in Telugu
  • English         :    
    • Write a poem of 6 lines on "My Class"
    • Prepare a poster titled "SAVE WATER"
    • Read story books
    • Visit places of interest in the city
  • Math             :   
    • Problems to be solved given in CW       
  • Science        :   
    • Collect pieces of different types of fabrics and paste them
    • Collect information about these logos  - APCO     CO-OPTEX
  • Social Studies:  
    • Visit the tribal museum in Masabtank and write a report on it
  • Computers
    • Write a paragraph on "My favourite TV programme" with all necessary formats. Take a print out and stick in activity book. Follow instructions given on Pg 4 of work book

  • General Knowledge: Show the states and capitals of India creativelyValue Education: Write 5 points on good behaviour in class

  • Health&Hygiene: Write about the healthy benefits of aloevera leaf and avocado fruit. Paste their picture

  • Physical Education: Write 10 tips to reduce weight

 Summer May 2016
  • Assignments for the Summer of May 2016 in all subjects given below to be shown on the reopening day 13/6/16
  • Read and understand the work that is being done with the help of an adult
  • All the projects should be neatly done in subject CW books. Remember to write every sentence on a new line. Give a proper heading for every assignment. Marks will be allotted for each subject
  • Urdu 
    • Read & Write the biography of the poet Altaf Hussain Hali. Paste his picture
    • Read & Write a poem on  any topic from the Newspaper
    • Stick & Name the different seasons. Write a slogan for each season
  • Hindi
    • Read and write inspiring articles on 2 physically challenged persons
    • Read and Write a poem on any topic ( that's not from your Reader )
  • Telugu          
    • Read any small story and write it down
    • Name the districts of Telangana in Telugu
  • English         :    
    • Buy small story books and read them loudly with proper punctuation and intonation              
    • Write an essay on Forests - Our lifeline
    • Prepare your own bio data
  • Math             :   
    • Write (twice) and learn tables 2 to 20. Practice tables mentally & randomly also
    • Practice any 10 word problems from last years reader
    • Solve the SA-II Q Paper without choice
    • Write numbers 1 to 100. Circle in green all the prime numbers
    • Write in Roman Numbers:  5269; 3424; 150; 78; 20
  • Science        :   
    • Write 10 sentences to maintain our surroundings/environment. Write every sentence on a new line
    • Visit any place of educational interest and write 5 sentences about it
  • Social Studies:  
    • Write all the states and capitals of India in a tabular form ( 2 times). Learn and Read the words with correct pronunciation
    • Draw, write, read and learn the districts of Telangana ( 2 times )
  • Computers
    • Type 5 slogans on Importance of Education with pictures in Microsoft word. Take a print out and stick it in your Computer CW book
  • Value Education
    • Write 5 sentences on Good Friendship. Every sentence on a new line
  • General Knowledge
    • Write down the 10 important tourist places in Hyderabad. Support with pictures.  Write one sentence on why are they special?

October - 2015

Home work given in diaries also

English                    Paste pictures of children who received bravery awards in 2014-15; Write an adventure story; read

                                story    books

Math                       Exercises & problems to be solved given in diary

Science                   Prepare a small bag using cloth. Collect pieces of fabric and paste in activity book                 

Social studies         Make a list of ten employed women in your neighbourhood. Get information about their work and the

                                difficulties they face

Telugu                     Write the letters learnt; Write gurinthalu- pa, na, ma, ya, sa, va2 times

Hindi                        Write three stories from newspaper Milaap

Urdu                         Learn and write Qawayat - grammar from lesson 1 to 4


January 2015

Assignments given in diaries and classwork books in all subjects


First term vacation Sep 2014 (home work given in diary also )

Parents are requested to help the child with the holiday home work and help the child to read and write under supervision.
Take the child out on a picnic to any place of educational interest and buy simple story books to read.
Please Cover, stick and label all books.

HINDI:           CHECK DIARY  

URDU :           CHECK DIARY  








January 2014

Assignment given in diary and the class work books also

Preparation for all competitions: English Literary & Islamic ( Nath, Qirat, Hadith, Quiz )

Essay writing topic:     Your scientific invention
Elocution :                   Social evils in society - Remedies

HINDI:         Given in Diary  ( Collecting tickets )

URDU :         Given in diary

ENGLISH :    Write a small story / incident based on yourself. Read story books


TELUGU :     Given in diary

MATH :         Solve the full, half yearly exam question paper

SCIENCE :    Exam again after reopening. Learn all lessons

SCIENCE PROJECT WORK :                         Preparation of a pin hole camera given in Reader

                                                                      The observation of an earthworm in soil

S.STUDIES : Levels of government- functions, duties and powers

COMPUTERS: PPT on Nature ; send the project via email before 20-1-14 to


October 2013

Assignment given in diary and the class work books also

Hindi:                        Given in diary

Urdu:                          1. Paste picture of Madina and write a Hadith
                                 2. Write a Naath
                                 3. Write a Hamd

English:                     1.  Write an adventure story
                                 2.  Read story books
                                 3.  Practise a page of handwriting daily
                                 4.  Different types of trees, brief description and their useful parts

Telugu:                       Solve the Quarterly exam Question paper again

Number Work :            Solve the Quarterly exam Question paper again
                                  Learn tables 2 to 15 

Science:                      1. Visit a place of educational interest with Parents ( Circus, fort, planetarium, museum ...)
                                      Write a paragraph about the visit
                                  2. Prepare a  working simple electric circuit.  Draw it.
                                  3. Paste a picture of Thomas Alva Edison and write a smallnote about him
                                  4. Paste 8 different types of clothing material and write a sentence about each

Social Studies :            Mark on different India Maps:         1. Indian states            2.  Capitals of Indian states
                                   Different Andhra Pradesh Maps:     1. Telangana districts     2. Rayalaseema districts
                                                           India Map:         1.Plains        2.Plateaus        3.hills  

Computer Science:        Group I (1-30)     :    Generation of computers
                                    Group II (31 - 51) :    Draw & Show Desktop icons, window task, task bar        


Second term  January 2013

Science :  Project given in the Science Half Yearly Exam Question Paper to be completed
               before re-opening  ( Greeting card with dry leaves )
English : Develop the habit of reading story books and listening to the news bulletin in                                 
                 English and Telugu

Math :     Solve the Half Yearly Exam Question Paper again completely

Social Studies: Map Pointing book Pages:    3, 6, 9, 12, 15, 18 ,30, 33, 36 & 39

First term vacation Oct 2012
13-10-12 to 28-10-12
Dussehra holidays from 13 Oct 2012 to 28 Oct 2012. 

Holiday homework given to students
Please see that the student practices all subjects everyday


                                            SANKRANTI  HOLIDAY ASSIGNMENT JAN 2012

            1.  Science:  Prepare on the topic " Waste Management"

            2.  Social Studies :        Forests & Wild life                    Solve Question Paper
                                              Maps on Europe                      Learn Glossary of Geography

            3.  Math/Urdu/Hindi: Solve the Half Yearly Exam Question Paper without choice

            4.  English:  Work Book from page 111 to 163 ( Objective type only )

            5.  Telugu: Varnamala, Othulu, Gudinthalu , Gudinthalu gurthulu


  • Deadline For Submission : 10/10/11
  • The project assigned in according to the Roll Numbers as below:
      Roll # 1 to  10 : Different Kinds of Motion
    Roll # 11 to 20 : Different measurements used in daily life
    Roll # 21 to 30 : Water Cycle ( States of Matter )
    Roll # 31 to 40 : Search and collect Natural and Synthetic fibres.
                      Write on their advantages and disadvantages
    Roll # 41 to 50 : Diseases caused by Viruses and Bacteria

     PROJECT II : SOCIAL STUDIES : In S.St Class Work Book
     1. On a map of India show the different states
     2. On another map of Africa show the countries
     3. On another map of Europe show the countries


       1Practice Math Quarterly Exam Paper in Math CW

     Project IV : ENGLISH

       1. Complete worksheet 4, 5 & 6 in Work Book

                                                          Read story books
                                          Speak in English at all times

                                        Practice all the Question Papers
    Cover and label all books and keep Term II books ready in a cleaned-up bag