Address: 12-2-332/1, Sunrise, MuradNagar, Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh - 500028 (Near old Mehdipatnam Bus Depot)


         (Do Hindi/Urdu ,Eng, Math, Computers, GK, Science, Social studies in CW book)

         (Physical Education,  Art n Culture, Health and Hygiene, Value education in another 200 pgs by dividing it into 4 parts)    Read & understand the work you're doing

  • Hindi- Write a Hindi play script on any social evil

  • Urdu- Allama Iqbal ke haalat-e-zindagi par likhiye (with picture)
  •          Dua aur ek nazm likhiye
  • Telugu- Write desh bhakti gayaalu  (any 5)  
  • English- Write about the merits and demerits of nuclear family and joint family (unit 1)
  • Mathematics- Collect pictures of symmetrical figures from newspapers, magazines.
  •                      Draw the axes of symmetry over them. Classify them.
  • Physical science- Collect pictures to illustrate contact forces and forces at a distance and prepare a report.
  • Biology-  Write a short article on scientists and their inventions
  • Social studies- Collect the pictures of leaders of Telangana struggle

  • Physical education- Write a short note on any one sportsperson
  • Computers- Enter SA-2 marks in excel sheet. Calculate the total, average grade. Take a print out and stick it in the book
  • Art and craft- Prepare any 2 things out of waste
  • Health and hygiene- Mention a few ways to maintain personal hygiene
  • GK –Write down the fundamental rights, duties and the preamble of the Constitution
  • Value Education- Write a moral story on friendship and draw a picture on it

                                                                                  HAPPY  HOLIDAYS

October 2016

  • Assignments for October  2016 in all subjects given below to be shown on the reopening day 13/10/16. SA-1 after reopening
  • Read and understand the work that is being done with the help of an adult
  • All the projects are also given in the subject CW books;  Marks will be allotted for each subject

  • Urdu : Baithbazi ke liye, har hurf ke ashaar collect kijiye and write
  •           Apne ghar ki aamadni and akhrajjath ki fairis  banaiye
  • Hindi : Write 10 sentences about an immortal person you like
  • Telugu: Write any 5 padhyam and its bhavam
  • English         :    
    • Write about a phone you would want to buy and its latest features  (Pg 70 Reader)
    • Prepare a funny skit between you and a robot
    • Read story books
    • Visit places of interest in the city
  • Math             :   
    • Make a cube from network and write its procedure
    • Generate 5 questions and solve
    • Solve revision problems in revision book
  •  Science 
  •  Physics:  How do musical instruments produce sounds? Write the names of any 5 musical instruments and mention the vibrating part with pictures         
  •  Biology: Prepare a poster and a pamphlet on Biodiversity
  • Social Studies:  Prepare the details of Parliament Lok Sabha or Rajya Sabha  or Telangana Legislative Assembly   ( under headings 1. Number of parties   2. Members   3. Leaders

  • Computers
    • Make a progress report card in Microsoft Excel for any 5 students

  • General Knowledge: Paste and write the names of National and State symbols
  • Value Education: Value of time - Schedule of your studies
  • Health&Hygiene: Write on the importance of Organ donation
  • Physical Education: Methods to reduce weight

Summer May 2016
  • Assignments for the Summer of May 2016 in all subjects given below to be shown on the reopening day 13/6/16
  • Read and understand the work that is being done with the help of an adult
  • All the projects should be neatly done in subject CW books. Remember to write every sentence on a new line. Give a proper heading for every assignment. Marks will be allotted for each subject
  • Urdu 
    • Read & Write a Hamd of your choice
    • Read & Write a poem on  any topic from the Newspaper
    • Write 5 sentences on the importance of water with a picture of a seashore
  • Hindi
    • Write 10 slogans on the importance of water
    • Read and Write a poem on any topic ( that's not from your Reader )
  • Telugu          
    • Read any small story and write it down. Frame 5 questions on the story
    • Write two patriotic songs
  • English         :    
    • Buy a novel and read it. Write a review on the book ( name of the book, author, characters, plot )
    • Write a speech on - Traffic woes in Hyderabad
    • Prepare your bio-data
  • Math             :   
    • Learn tables 2 to 20. Practice tables mentally & randomly also
    • Practise any 15 word problems from last years reader choosing at least one from every topic
    • Solve the SA-II Q Paper without choice
  • Science        :   
    • Physics - Prepare a table of different substances in which acids and bases are present
    • Physics - Visit any place of educational interest and write 5 sentences about it
    • Biology - Prepare 5 questions on Blood pressure that you would want to ask your doctor
    • Biology - Prepare 5 sentences on Junk food vs Healthy food
  • Social Studies:  
    • Write all the states and capitals of India in a tabular form ( 2 times). Learn and Read the words with correct pronunciation
    • Draw, write, read and learn the districts of Telangana ( 2 times )
    • Write a notice on your school board about protecting forests
  • Computers
    • Type 5 slogans on Secular India with pictures in Microsoft word. Take a print out and stick it in your Computer CW book
  • Value Education
    • Write a poem on school friends
  • General Knowledge
    • Write down the 5 important tourist places in Hyderabad and 5 in other Indian cities. Support with pictures.  Write one sentence on why are they special?

October - 2015

Home work given in diaries also

English                    Submit a project on  Oxford University

Math                        Problems given in diary

Science                     Bio- Measure height and weight of  10    persons /children and draw a graph.
                                          Prepare two posters on child marriage and child labour

                                 Physics- Paste pictures of 5 musical instruments and mention the vibrating part of each instrument

Social studies           Prepare on the topic - Mexico- for the exhibition

Telugu                     Write the poem bhavam of Ls. 7

Hindi                        Solve grammar from Q paper

Urdu                         Write any 10 ashaar

Value Edn                 A project on the value of parents in our life

GK                             Different types of paper and their uses


January 2015

Project work  given in diaries and activity books, in all subjects



Take the child out on a picnic to any place of educational interest and buy  story books to read.
Please Cover, stick and label all books.




January 2014

Assignment given in diary and the class work books also

Preparation for all competitions: English Literary & Islamic ( Nath, Qirat, Hadith, Quiz )

Essay writing topic:     Life on Mars! Can it be a reality?
Elocution :                   Necessity of Value education


October 2013

Assignment given in diary and the class work books also

Hindi:                             Write 10 lines on any poet

Urdu:                               1. Slogan on labourers       
                                      2. Slogans on Water
                                      3. Poetry of Iqbal 

English:                           Write a short paragraph with pictures on 
                                           1. Satellite        2. NASA    3. Robot    4. Space station    5. Rocket launching station  
                                           6. A PJ Abdul Kalaam

Telugu:                            Solve the Quarterly Exam Question Paper

Mathematics :                1.   Group I:Types of Quadrilaterals
                                          Group II : Draw figures and write the squares of numbers 9, 11, 12, 13 & 14
                                          Group III: Draw and write the cubes of numbers 3, 4, 5, 6 & 7
                                     2.  Solve the Question Paper

Bio -Science:                            

                                                Group wise

                                             I Group …….Prepare slogans on conservation of Bio-diversity

                                        II Group ….. List of animals gettting extinct/endangered

                                        III Group….. Observe animals in your locality and note their behaviour

                                        IV Group … Protect Bio-diversity …...presentation

                                        V Group … Endemic and endangered species Why? How?

                                        VI Group ….. Map on bio-diversity

                                        VII Group …. Necessity of conserving Tiger

                                        VIII Group … .List out the bird sanctuaries of India

                                        IX Group …. Visit to zoo and prepare report on the species with their scientific names

                                        X Group….. Presentation on flora and fauna of near by forest

Phy- Science:                    

                                                Group wise

                                             I Group …. Solar System

                                        II Group ….. Bio-degradable and Non-biodegradable materials

                                        III Group ….. Coal and petroleum in A.P

                                        IV Group …. Air Pollution

                                        V Group … Uses of Coal, petroleum and Natural gas

                                        VI Group ….. Lightening and tsunami

                                        VII Group …. Earthquakes

                                        VIII Group … Thermosetting and Thermoplastics

                                        IX Group …. Recycling of plastics

                                        X Group….. Sound pollution

                                        XI Group....   Musical instruments

Social Studies :                1.  Group I- Polar region/  Group II - Forests/    Group III- Green House

Second term  January 2013

Physics : Record work to be submitted by 28-1-13

Math:  Solve the Half Yearly exam Question Paper again completely

English: Read story books and listen to the news in English and Telugu everyday

Social Studies:  India Map: Mark all the states and their capitals
                             World Map: Continents and oceans

Biology:  Record Work- Sense organs;  Crop diseases diagrams

First term vacation Oct 2012
13-10-12 to 28-10-12
Dussehra holidays from 13 Oct 2012 to 28 Oct 2012. 

Holiday homework given to students
Please see that the student practices all subjects everyday

                            SANKRANTI  HOLIDAY ASSIGNMENT JAN 2012

            1. Prepare a model to present the following topics in Physics on Wed 18 Jan 2012

                        1. Vernier Callipers        2. Irregular lamina        3. Ripple tank

            2. Read a novel / story book  and write the synopsis

            3. Solve the Math Question Paper I & II without choice

            4. Prepare a project on Space Exploration under the headings: History / Famous astronauts / Hazards of Space travel / latest                                                                                                    advances/ Next scheduled Space flight

            5. Remaining subjects:  Half Yearly Exam question Papers to be solved without choice

  • PROJECT I : CLASS VIII : PHYSICAL SCIENCE : RECORD / FILE WORK as discussed                           in class
  • Deadline For Submission of all projects : 10/10/11

    1. Measurement ( Vernier Callipers & instruments to measure Liquids )
   2. Dynamics ( Newton's Laws of Motion )
   3. Centre of Gravity ( Regular & Irregular objects )
   4. Fluid Pressure ( Types, Pascal's Law, Barometers, Bernouli's principle )
   5. Heat ( Types of Thermometers, Determination of Melting Point of Wax )
   6. Waves ( Kinds of waves and Ripple tank )

   PROJECT II : CHEMISTRY : RECORD / FILE as discussed in class

    1. A chart showing Element & their Atomic weights
   2. Equations showing types of Chemical changes
   3. A chart showing Electrolysis of water and its Purification
   4. Chart showing Lab preparation of Hydrogen and Oxygen


    1. Tissue Culture
   2. Contributions of different scientists (from internet)
   3. Research institutes in India (from internet)
   4. Classification of Plants & Animals ( chart in record)
   5. Bacterial diseases in Man
   6. Transmission of diseases ( Any 4 methods as a chart )

Collect and write 10 Ashar by Allama Iqbal

      Solve the whole Question paper and prepare for the Reading test

                                                  Read story books
Speak in English at all times