Update Jan 2012

Dear Parents,

Here’s wishing you all a very Happy and Prosperous New Year - 2012

With the Almighty’s blessing we begin every year with new resolutions , abiding hopes , strong promises and a desire for good academic results.  With growing competitions around in every field, it becomes all the more necessary to keep striving towards perfection with zeal and vigour.  This can be achieved if we all work together with co-operation and understanding.

As teachers, it becomes necessary to provide an environment of continual learning and growth for your child.  Children are good imitators. In order to teach them good habits, a healthy environment should be created at home.  The use of proper language, manners, discipline, punctuality, respect, cleanliness and good habits, at home, by family members, helps the child to acquire them with ease.  Let us together earnestly work towards the betterment of our children. 

  • Please visit the class teacher every Saturday. Do not wait for the tests and exams.
  • Check their diaries/website daily for information.
  • Help the child with neat completion of home work and study everyday.
  • Send your child before 8:30AM to school. Attending and participating in the assembly reflects discipline.
  • Keep all books covered and labeled.  If torn, replace them with new books.
  • Inculcate good manners, communication skills, cleanliness and the value of respect.

The third and final term is in progress. Help the child to complete all work, in time. Expose the child to the world through newspapers, magazines, televisions and internet. Knowledge, good communication skills and confidence in the child is the need of the hour.

Hoping for His blessings and looking forward for your co-operation year after year.

Best wishes,

Mrs. Simeen Muneer