Jan 2013 BlueBells Update

10 January 2013 

Dear Parents,
Heartfelt greetings for the New Year 2013. We wish for your health, prosperity and long life.

We wish to thank all Parents who whole heartedly co-operated to make every event a success – from the SSC felicitation function in June; Science exhibition in August to the Sports Day in December.  
  • We have introduced the SMS service that will be used whenever necessary
  • The website sunrisehigh.org is always updated for your convenience
    • Any activity/ tests/exams in school are announced here. You can sit at home and get updated
  • We appreciate your presence every Saturday that is an Open Day to inquire about the progress of your child
  • Learning becomes easier not by sending the child to tuitions, but if
    1. The child understands what she is learning
    2. Can understand  English
    3. Does Regular practice of all subjects
    4. Values education and does things with interest
    5. Is Regular and punctual to school

Your role as a parent is to 
  • help the teacher and the child to develop these habits from an early age.  
  • Encourage use of polite language, respect for teachers and try to create an educational atmosphere at home. 
  • Keep your child in touch with the books by regular practice of all subjects.  
  • Re-cover, stick, label the books to encourage neatness. 
  • Wash the school bag and other accessories before the beginning of Term III
  • Discourage long hours in front of the TV (This spoils their minds and wastes time)
  • Help your child to complete the holiday home work given
The child is a good observer and learns quickly.  

Also, please note...
  • Lot of prizes up for grabs at the end of the year 
    • Best student, 100% attendance, Good conduct, Good English speaking skill, Co-operative parents …
  • We also advise you to pick up your child from the school yourself, on time so that they reach home safely
  • Keep the school updated about any change in phone numbers so that we can get in touch easily
  • Diary should be compulsorily always in the bag and checked for updates everyday. No tests / exams will be repeated
Let us encourage our children to be disciplined, independent, polite and respectful 

  • Admissions for the new academic year 2013-14 will begin from the second week of April in class LKG only 
    • Preferably only girls
  • Annual Exam for classes LKG & UKG from 14-3-13
  • School closes for Sankranti vacation from Fri, 11-1-13.  Reopening on Mon, 21-1-13
We hope for your continued support and cooperation

Best wishes,

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