June 2012

27 June 2012

Dear Parents of Sunrise High,

The grace of the Almighty sees us entering another new academic year 2012-13. The SSC students passed out in flying colours with 100% results.  The toppers were B.Sajida Sultana and Sadia Fatima with an overall grade of 9.7.We wish to congratulate the staff, students and the Parents for this achievement.

Good results in SSC is however not the only purpose of Sunrise. A confident wholesome personality is what we aim for. Inculcating moral values, discipline, punctuality, and cleanliness is also a part of our education. We request all parents to co-operate when this is done.

Good and effective communication skill especially in English is the need of the hour. The child should be encouraged to read, listen and speak in English both at home and in school. This makes academic learning much easier.  Keeping in touch with what is happening in the world is also required. Make it a habit to read the newspaper everyday and listen to the news. Parents should spend quality time in the evening with the child.

Sending a child to tuition is not the solution. Parents should sit with the child and help in learning and understanding the lessons daily. Visit the school every Saturday before 10:00am to enquire about the progress of your child.  Communicate with the teacher politely for any doubts. Emails are welcome for any suggestions.  The Deccan Chronicle will be given to the students from July. However the entertainment section will not be given to the students but will be retained by the school. This is to avoid unnecessary discussions in the classroom.  Please maintain a healthy environment at home so that it is reflected in the behaviour of the child. Avoid the use of bad language in front of the child. Treat your child with love and respect but be firm when required. Monitor and control the use of the internet, mobiles and TV.  No electronic gadget is allowed in school.

If in case of any absence please send a proper leave letter signed by you. Mehendi is strictly not allowed.  Please check the books daily for completion of the work.

The syllabus for classes VI & VII has changed. The lessons have moved towards logical thinking and analysis. Encourage your child to question and think and search for the answers.  Familiarity with the use of technology will also be incorporated into the syllabus so that by the time the child leaves school she will be able to use technology with ease.

SMSes will be sent soon for any kind of information. Please register a mobile number & email with the school for easy contact. Check the websites for regular updates.

Every child has a dream. Please encourage the child, boy or girl, regardless, to continue their education, pursue their dreams and contribute to society in future.

Looking forward for your co-operation and a prosperous year ahead.


Mrs. Simeen Muneer


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