June 2009

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Dear Parents,

By the grace of the Almighty, another new academic year has begun.  Our SSC results have been satisfactory with a pass percentage of 91.
We congratulate all our outgoing students and wish for their bright future.

It has been observed that many of our students are losing out on their ranks/marks due to languages esp. Telugu. This is a cause of concern. Due importance should be given to all subjects from an early age.  Please see that your child develops proficiency in languages from the very beginning.

Taking tuitions is not advisable. Infact it is an unnecessary burden for the child.  Long hours of study stress out the child and the child begins to lose interest in studies
Allow your child to rest, play, eat and study proportionately.  Sit with the child when at study. Guide and supervise the lessons daily.  Your presence and guidance makes a lot of difference rather than a tuition teacher’s.

Regularity and Punctuality helps the child tremendously to flow easily with the syllabus.  If the child is absent, there is difficulty in understanding the lessons as the basic concept explained by the teacher has been missed.  Please see that the child is regular and in time to school.

Handwriting is another area of concern.  Please see that the child writes neatly in the book. The letters should touch the double lines with proper spacing between words.

Participation in all co curricular and extra curricular activities should be encouraged.  It is a part of learning and growing.

Encourage your child to communicate in English at home and in school.  Using simple sentences / words, reading the English newspaper everyday, listening to the news, will not only keep the child updated but also facilitate learning and speaking the language.

Keep an eye on the daily movement of your child.  Do not encourage the use of cell phones and money.  Do not apply Mehendi and nail polish. Trim the nails and encourage cleanliness and neatness.  Send the child in complete and clean uniform (badge/belt/ID card/ shoes/socks) 

Please do not send the tiffin baskets during school hours. Pack something dry for lunch in the morning itself. Put a clean napkin and spoon in the basket.  Wet curries and sweets can spill and attract flies. Make their eating habits simple and neat.

Please encourage your child to use polite and clean language. It reflects on the home environment.

Please check the child’s test books and report card regularly. Assignment and unit test are conducted every month.  Only Parents can visit the teacher every Saturday to enquire about the progress of the child.

You are requested to complete the first page of the diary and sign it.  Enter the house address and telephone number for any kind of emergency.

We also plan to organize a Valedictory function for our golden Jubilee celebration in December this year.

A science exhibition will be shortly announced.  Further updates will be posted on our website - sunrisehigh.org.  Keep in touch.

With your cooperation, looking forward for another successful year ahead.

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