Update Jul 2011

Dear Parents (Class I to Class X),

By the grace of Allah the Almighty, another new academic year 2011-2012 has begun.  The 2010-11 SSC results were satisfactory. We congratulate the students and their parents and pray for their bright future.  As always, we hope, with your cooperation, to help your child grow academically, emotionally and morally to compete with the demands of the time.  In order to facilitate this process, the child should be provided with a learning environment at home also with due importance being given to educational activities. 

  • Please spend quality time with the children and their books at home.
  • Please expose your child to the outside world by taking your children out with you - on picnics, to places of educative interest, watch the news on TV, read newspapers and story books, browse the internet etc. to make the child feel loved and wanted.
  • Regularity and punctuality should be given importance. A child should be present for the morning assembly and participate in it by coming on stage with material to read/speak.
  • Neatness in uniform, books, bag and eating habits should be encouraged.(Every first day of the week –white uniform)
  • Encourage the child to speak in English at home and at school.  Avoid use of bad language in front of the child.
  • Please read and complete the diary pages and enter the address and phone number so that under any emergency, the school can get in touch with you.
  • Check the diary daily for any message by the teacher. Help the child to complete the work given at home instead of depending on tuitions.
  • Every Saturday is an OPEN DAY when you can visit and talk to the teacher about your child’s progress. Check for the monthly report card and test books/papers; sign and return the report immediately the next day.  Do not criticize the school and teachers in front of the child as this may cause her to lose respect for the same. 
  • Free Arabic language coaching is provided in the school from Class VI onwards. Let the child participate to learn a new language.
  • Purchase the newspapers  being provided by the Deccan Chronicle from Cl. III onwards. The child requires the paper in school to improve the English language and many activities have been lined up throughout the year to make use of it.
  • Discourage your child from borrowing or taking away others things. If you see that your child has something that does not belong to him/her, please return it to the office.
  • There will be no re-tests under any circumstances. The average will be taken at the end of the year to determine the overall grade.  If  the  child is absent due to ill-health please fill in the absence record page in the diary and show it to the class teacher.  
  • The Assignment tests will be taken without prior notice. Unit test time table will be sent in the diaries. Every test is important for the betterment of the child.
  • Do not send your child with Mehendi on hands/nails to school. It distracts them from their studies.
  • Cut the nails regularly and tie the hair into cross plaits/pony tails with ribbons.
  • Homemade snacks and lunch should be given to children for healthy growth rather than packets of chips every day.
  • Please pay the school fee on time.
  • Send the labeled tiffin basket with a napkin and spoon, with the child in the morning itself.
  • During winter / rainy season, only navy blue sweaters are allowed to be worn.
  • If there is no logo on the uniform, a badge has to be purchased from the office.
  • Do not send your child with cell phones, money or jewelry. The school is not responsible for the loss of any expensive articles.
  • Responsible persons should pick the child up immediately after school for her safety.
  • Please check the school website for continual updates (http://www.sunrisehigh.org)
  • A suggestion box is placed outside the office for any suggestions from the students and parents.  You can also send an email to  sunrisehigh@gmail.com

 We at Sunrise, have a dedicated staff that personally monitors the progress of your child.  Let us together, in our children, cultivate good habits and develop each student into a positive personality.  Looking forward to your cooperation for another successful year ahead.

 Best wishes,

Mrs. Simeen Muneer