Update BlueBells June 2012

27 June 2012

Dear Parents of Blue Bells Kindergarten (Classes LKG / UKG), 

The academic year has begun on a good note, by the grace of the Almighty, with the school achieving good results in the SSC 2012.  We are glad that you have chosen Sunrise High for your child. We welcome you into the Sunrise High family and pray that your child brings laurels in future for your family and the school.

The SSC annual academic result however is not the only goal of Sunrise. The vision is to mould the child to have a well groomed personality so that he/she is capable of becoming a valuable citizen of the world.  Remember the education of a child begins at home. The school and the teachers are channels to guide the child in the right direction. The child reflects the same behaviour that he/ she sees at home. Parents are therefore encouraged to provide a healthy environment (especially free from any abuse, bad language and limited TV time) for the positive growth of the child.  Please spend quality family time with the child everyday and assist him/her with the daily work. Do not watch any form of entertainment on TV/ computer, but monitor carefully the programmes the child watches.  Tuitions should not be encouraged. Your guidance with love and affection is sufficient at home.

The school stresses on the following:

  1. Effective/Continuous communication with the school and teachers through the diary/ phone/ email/ personally /suggestion box. For this the child should carry a completed diary/ ID card everyday to school. Inform the teachers /office about any change in name/address/phone nos.
  2. Discipline, Punctuality and Cleanliness at all times. (Maintain the school timings, neat & complete uniform)
  3. Proper food eating habits (dry home-made snacks in tiffin, use of spoon and napkin). Do not depend on the ayahs in school.
  4. Label all the belongings of the child ( bag, books, basket, belt)
  5. Proper toilet training ( use of toilet seat, water )
  6. Maintenance of books throughout the year ( cover & label)
  7. Completion of home work & practice everyday
  8. Submission of leave letter in case of absence
  9. Mehendi should not be applied
  10. Payment of school fee every month before 15th
  11. Encourage regular speaking in English even at home. Its not possible to  learn a language overnight
  12. Every Saturday is Open Day for the parents to visit the teacher before 10:00am

Every child has a dream. Please encourage the child, boy or girl, regardless, to continue their education, pursue their dreams and contribute to society in future. 

Please use the suggestion box / e-mail for any suggestions. We will try to look into it as soon as possible and act.  This year onwards we will initiate the facility of SMSes for any updates. Please see that you register your working mobile number & email address is with the teacher. Check the website for regular updates.  Looking forward for your co-operation and a prosperous year ahead.



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