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Wake Up. Rise and Shine. Rise and shine.


Welcome to the Sports Day Meet of Sunrise High.

I stand before you today, when we as a nation are going through a very difficult time. A time when India is
fighting against terror. I empathize with the families of victims, hostages and police officers killed in the Mumbai attacks. I hope and pray that we can win over these elements of terror who commit mindless acts of violence against innocent civilians.

On a different note, Sunrise High is celebrating its Golden Jubilee, 50 years of establishment, Alhamdulilaah.
I want to thank y’all for being patient and showing up here today despite this event being postponed earlier due to inclement weather.

It has been 50 years since my visionary parents, Mrs. & Mr. Abdur Rauf, established the school. They shared
a belief. A belief of “service to the community”. I am thankful to those who have accompanied and encouraged me on this selfless journey and shared this belief. Yes, dear parents, time flies and over the past 50 years, we at Sunrise have slowly but steadily accomplished a lot. The school started of, in 1958, as a training center in Home Sciences for women to achieve financial independence. Many of those women, now grandparents, are still in contact with me. May Allah bless them.

Sunrise got its official recognition in 1961 and then there was no looking back. It was an upper primary
school and the first batch appeared for the 7th grade board exams in 1974. The school was upgraded into a high school exclusively for girls in 1990. Students have been bringing us laurels and we hope they will continue to do so.

The building was given a facelift in 1998 and Alhamdullilah has well-ventilated, big classrooms and a
playground like none other in the area. Students at Sunrise High are encouraged to hone their personality by participating in co-curricular and extra-curricular activities, as you will witness in a short while today.

As we prepare for the future, we, at Sunrise High, have continued the efforts to better serve the community.
We are keeping pace with the technology through computer education, creating awareness about the environment, inculcating moral values through Value Education, teaching Arabic as a foreign language, communicating with the world through our website, besides of course imparting the best of knowledge
through hard working and dedicated teachers. We now also have secure Wi-Fi connectivity to the internet using which students can be more techno-savvy.

The sun has truly risen in this remote area of Mehdipatnam.

But there is a lot more to be done as we prepare our next generations for the future. There are tasks that, we, as a community, need to do. As they say, when the going gets tough, the tough get going. These are very competitive times and we have to wake-up.

Wake-up to the reality.

Wake-up to the fact that we are falling behind.
Wake-up to the fact that we need to be more literate.
Wake-up to the fact that we need to have good and educated leaders.
Wake-up to the fact that we need to be ready to capture opportunities.

This awakening is only possible with quality education. We believe that Sunrise High will be the place for
such an awakening. Sunrise High has and will differentiate itself in the quality of its graduating students, both from an academic and non-academic standpoint. We aim that every student of this school would be like rays of the sun spreading the light of knowledge all over the world.

While continuing to “Focus on Academic Education”, we plan to put more “Emphasis on Extra-curricular
Activities”. And to this end, we expect more “Input from Parents”. Your children need your constant guidance and support. We, at Sunrise High, are an extrinsic force while you parents are a part of them. The responsibility is therefore mutual. So I request all of you to “wake up” to the reality around you.

What’s the responsibility as parents? I advise you to inculcate a competitive spirit in your child by engaging
him at home in intellectual activities. A small example can be - watching the news at home with the child, sharing-exchanging information. Use positive reinforcement, to bring about a change. No child today tolerates corporal punishment. Love, understanding and proper guidance can only help your child.
Encourage your child to explore opportunities not limited to engineering and medicine. Consider careers in law, journalism, political science & management. Spend time in career counselling. Your child will be grateful to you in future for all your efforts

So Parents, “Wake up. Rise and shine. Rise and shine”.

The future is in our hands to mould. Your child is in your hands. Lets together teach them the right values,
inculcate a patriotic spirit and give them a bright future. It’s a very fast paced world today and we have been dozing. I ask all parents of the community to wake-up. Wake-up to the fact that we can bring about the change required for a better future. Wake-up to the fact that we can nurture our kids to be great leaders.
Wake-up to the fact that we can win. Wake-up to the fact that we can make use of future opporunities as India continues on the road to economic success.

Ladies and Gentlemen, the future has a lot to offer and its ours to capture. Lets “wake up” and open the doors
of opportunity for our kids, restore their confidence and get them back to the path of prosperity. I hope that Sunrise High can be the platform using which we can see the dawn of such a future. I am indeed very happy and grateful for your valuable presence amidst us today.

So lets believe in ourselves. Wake up. Rise and shine. Rise and shine.

I leave you with this sher from Iqbal and hope and pray that the future generations of this community will be
well groomed to take on the challenges and IA emerge winners.

Tu Shaheen Parwaaz Hai Kaam Tera
, Tere Aage Aasmaan Aur Bhi Hain

Mrs. Adeeb Muneer

Principal , Sunrise High School

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